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The book The Phenomenon of Ecce Homo has immodest ambitions to become the best publication about the popular and one of the oldest car racing uphill. It will certainly be one of the most interesting and beautiful books on motorsport in our country and in Europe.

Our team of authors has set the bar very high. Likewise, we are all native Sternbergs and we have been living with the Ecce Homo race since childhood. And we want to show off our Sternberg gems, present it in the best colors… and we put the best into it.

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The year was 1905. The 5th International Automobile Exhibition took place in the center of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, in Vienna. It was here that the idea of ​​organizing a Vienna-Wroclaw-Vienna comparative ride was born. So far, however, it was not known exactly where this almost 800-kilometer-long route would lead.

The participants were informed about the final form of the Vienna-Wrocław-Vienna tour and, among other things, about the details of the mountaineering race only a few weeks before the event. The inspectors covered the entire route and recorded with great care the transit times and conditions on the roads of that time. They described the road through Mikulov as hilly, but not very steep. Furthermore, the journey to Olomouc continued along long straight sections with several, unspecified, critical sections. Under the name “Bergstraßenrennen”, the freely translated “mountain road race” includes a 6-kilometer-long road behind Šternberk, which offers a satisfactory road gradient for this type of race. The date of the ride in this section was then scheduled for May 18, 1905.

At that time, the period press reported on the difficulty of the track ascending the hillside behind Šternberk in the direction of Opava. The journalists compared the steep and difficult profile of the track with five sharp turns to the passage through the Austrian Semmering Pass, which was already an important motoring concept at the time.

A very strong tradition emerged that year and it continues successfully through all the pitfalls, wars and problems to the present day. Almost nothing had changed about her. The words printed by Lidové noviny in 1930 still apply: “Indeed, neither the romantic castle nor the picturesque location could ever secure Šternberk a tenth of the glory, the overflowing bustle and the intense life as a road to the top above it.”.

The book The Phenomenon of Ecce Homo describes in detail the entire, more than 100-year-long and very varied and rich history of one of the most important motoring companies in Europe.


320 pages (of which 296 on matt chalk with varnish, 24 pages of result documents)

Limited collector’s edition.

Precise hardcover, non-scratch laminate, embossed lacquer.

Dimensions 233 x 210 mm in combination with metallic paint

Printed on a top printing machine

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